amy imexEntertainment can make or break an event, making it a vital component in any corporate event.  The right act, performer or show can attract publicity, reinforce brand awareness and leave guests with a positive lasting impression.  Event Industry News spoke to Amy Capron from Destination Entertainment Specialists, Scarlett Entertainment, about the world of corporate entertainment ….

1. Why is corporate entertainment important for businesses?

Corporate entertainment is used for a variety of reasons; to generate interest and publicity at a product launch, to reinforce brand values at a conference, to attract footfall at an exhibition or to entertain staff and clients at a gala dinner or special corporate event.  So, corporate entertainment is important for businesses for many different types of events as it can help to promote the business at an internal or external level, as well as reinforcing corporate messages and brand values.  Entertainment at events is also useful for forging links with existing and potential clients in the case of a gala dinner or special VIP event (as well as maintaining staff morale at a Christmas party!).

2. What key elements do clients look for in the corporate entertainment they book?

The key elements for any entertainment to be successful at a corporate event depend very much on the event, the audience, the business and the theme!  For example, a business attending an exhibition or trade show will require entertainment that engages with visitors and attracts them to their stand.  Key elements for any entertainment for this type of event would also include an act or performer that could create a bespoke show for the company, incorporate the business logo or brand and really appeal to audiences.  We recently supplied entertainment for Monster (the world’s leading manufacturer of headphones, cables and AV accessories) who attended the global innovations show, IFA Berlin.  The company required a top quality band to perform to the world’s press as part of a showcase of their latest headphone range to illustrate the superior quality of the audio equipment.  Meanwhile, entertainment for a conference or convention would have very different key requirements for a business.  They may require that the entertainment fits in with a theme (some businesses create ‘themes’ for their corporate events, i.e. 1920s, Hawaiian, American Western etc) or the act or performer may be required to help attendees ‘break the ice’ and mix & mingle. 

3. What are some good options for corporate entertainment for a business with a limited budget?

Again, this would depend on the type of event (party, gala dinner, trade show etc).  Popular small budget options for businesses include;

·         Caricaturists as mix & mingle entertainment, who can include company logos on their pictures.

·         Jazz duos who can perform background music during drinks or dinner, or as part of an exhibition stand.

·         A contortionist as after dinner entertainment.

·         An aerialist to greet guests on arrival or pour drinks suspended from the ceiling!

·         Solo musicians.

·         Magicians, as walkaround entertainment or an after dinner act.

·         A compere, to ensure the event runs smoothly.

4. What is the most ingenious or fun corporate entertainment idea you have come up with?

One of our most fun corporate entertainment options for those with a limited budget would be a living table.  These are so great for corporate events because the performers can dress up to suit the event and offer drinks/snacks etc that are relevant to the theme etc.

For businesses where the budget is not so limited there are so many fun and unique acts at the moment that it is difficult to pick out just one!  There is a plethora of amazing and ingenious acts and shows for corporate audiences, from a lightning show (where 2 performers battle with 4 million volts of electricity!!) and a martial arts interactive video mapping group, to an aerial team who perform a range of shows vertically on the side of buildings and an aroma DJ who mixes smells!!  Corporate clients are increasingly requesting entertainment that is new and exciting, or has never been seen before, so unusual and unique shows are being launched all the time.  These days, if you can think up an ingenious show or entertainment concept, the chances are that it exists somewhere in the world!