A man appears to have been choked by a security guard while lying on the grass at FOMO music festival.

An onlooker filmed the incident at the Riverstage in Brisbane on Saturday, and posted the footage to Facebook to say, ‘This is not okay’.

The festival has not directly commented on the footage but said FOMO had been ‘made aware of an incident’ and is currently investigating. 

The man, believed to be an attendee at the festival, appeared to be having difficulty breathing as his arms flailed, another security guard appeared to try to intervene and pull his colleague off the man. An onlooker attempted to intervene when the security guard jumped off and yelled ‘f*** off’ at those crowding around.

Asset Protection Systems, the company handling security for the festival, said the security guard involved in the incident had been stood down pending investigation.

‘We understand that the offender involved was throwing a burning flare into a crowd of onlookers and our security took action to prevent potential injury to the concert guests,’ the company wrote in a status on Facebook.

‘Until our internal investigation and the police prosecution of the offender is completed, we are advised not to comment further to the incident.’

(Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4098568/Man-choked-security-guard-FOMO-music-festival-Brisbane)


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