Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 09.37.07In May 2014, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) teamed up with DoubleDutch to survey nearly 1,800 members of their organisation about how they’ve adopted mobile applications as part of their overall event strategy.

The results of the following survey consist of responses from 382 meeting professionals across various industries, with a wide breadth of tenure in their fields.

This report aims to provide a better understanding of how and why meeting professionals currently use mobile event applications, what results they expect, and how they intend to use them in the future.

It is estimated that roughly $500B+ is spent per year on events worldwide.1 In fact, events make up the largest portion of an average B2B marketer’s budget at nearly 20% of their overall spending.2 As marketing departments have an increased focus on mobile and digital campaigns, a similar expectation has been applied to the world of events, meetings, and conferences.

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