Event technology specialists, Glownet and its partner Yumiwi took Spotify by the wrist in the summer of 2014, offering the world’s biggest music streaming service an RFID technology proposal to amplify the user experience at Bilbao BBK Live, one of the largest music festivals in Spain. This was a first festival activation campaign in Spain for Spotify.

Glownet and Yumiwi proposed the idea and creative concept, working hand-in-hand with Spotify to develop the initiative. Branded the Spotify Experience, it offered new engagement avenues to the target audience at the event, which attracted more than 45,000 unique visitors per day.

Before the festival, ticket holders could fill in a form via a pre-registration portal, accessing the Facebook app and allowing Spotify to post exclusive content directly to users’ Facebook profiles.

Once on site, which was teeming with Spotify RFID wristbands, users had the opportunity to engage more fully than a traditional festival typically allows. For example, they could share set-lists from their favourite artists by simply tapping their wristband on the Playlist Stations located around the main stages. Selfie Stations throughout the site, provided the opportunity for festival-goers to take pictures, apply an array of filters linked to Instagram, and post memories from the festival to their Facebook page, with a quick tap of their wristband. As an added incentive, Samsung speakers, digital cameras and Spotify premium accounts were up for grabs to those with high levels of event engagement through Facebook posts.

“The purpose of this experiential marketing campaign for Spotify was to deepen the connections and strengthen the relationship between the audience, the artists and the brand. Moreover it enriched the experience, making it more meaningful and personal for Spotify customers, who are already passionate about music,” said Izan Coomonte, Business Development Manager at Glownet. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 18.26.08

The objectives for the campaign were challenging: Register 3,000 users and generate around 1m impressions, 6,000 comments and likes and 1,000 playlist and photos shared. However, the results tripled expectations with an astounding:

  • 4.3 million impressions
  • 6,700 registered customers
  • 18,000 comments and likes
  • 3,100 Spotify playlists shared
  • 2,300 photos shared
  • 47 brand impressions per second

“No other project of this nature has come close to the targets we hit. It worked so well, punters were actually asking us how much they had to pay to get their Spotify RFID wristbands and enjoy the experience” Coomonte said.

Riding the digital wave, festival.goers not only saw the Spotify Experience as a way of furthering their festival enjoyment, but also as an effortless way of collecting exclusive content.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 18.26.49

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.13.22The significant success of the Spotify Experience at Bilbao BBK Live inspired a similar activation at Live Nation’s eclectic DCODE Festival in Madrid. This time around, Glownet and Yumiwi added to the mix an opportunity for festival-goers to vote for their favourite artists by tapping their wristbands at Check-In stations around the site.

Every 90 minutes, the results were posted to the big screens on the wings of the main stages, in real time, creating another layer of interactivity and helping participants to feel even more involved in the festival.

Again there were incentives, in the shape of stage view tickets, brand name speakers and Spotify Premium accounts. Once again, the results dwarfed the anticipated results. DCODE, a one-day festival, returned the following statistics:

  • 2 million impressions
  • 2,200 registered customers
  • 11,500 comments and likes
  • 3,100 Spotify playlists shared
  • 1,100 photos shared
  • 2,100 artist votes
  • 68 brand impressions per second

The Spotify Experience highlighted the indisputable benefits of a more engaged customer. The promoters saw a massive increase in exposure online, Spotify saw festival-goers spreading the word and telling everyone about the amazing experience they had, and last but not least, festival-goers discovered a new way of gathering valuable and unique content.

About Glownet: 

Glownet is one of the leading RFID services providers to the live events industry, principally focussing on music festivals. The business provides promoters with check-in/accreditation and access control (gPASS), cashless payment (gPAY), social media engagement (gSOCIAL) as well as staffing and security (gCREW) solutions using the latest RFID technology, delivered over an Android-based platform. 

Glownet’s solution combats ticket fraud, reduces queues, slashes transaction times, increases spend per head, cuts staffing costs at gates and bars and controls staff theft. Customers get to enjoy a more enriching event experience, whilst promoters enjoy greater transparency of vendor sales, more control over their operations and together with sponsors gain deeper insight into customer purchasing behaviour.

Contact info: sales@glownet.com / +44 7747 024 617