On 1st Dec Bookitbee, the online ticketing and booking tool, became FREE in the USA & Canada.  The launch of the “Bee Free” accounts sees the ticketing tool not charging event promoters for ticketing in addition to having their event promoted for free to potential ticket buyers.

Bookitbee has turned the commercial model for its ticketing tool on its head and is moving to a freemium model with a fully featured free system.  The initiative is initially being launched in the US and Canada with additional locations being rolled out over the next 12 months.

“Bookitbee  has all the features people need, for free. The launch of the Bee Free account means that event organisers can bring people together for events without paying fees,  hopefully encouraging them to put on more events and helping to grow the online ticketing market ” said Frank Di Mauro, COO & Co-founder of Bookitbee.

Users with larger events or more functional needs will have the opportunity to upgrade for premium features, these are support, allocated seating, full service ticketing or merchandise.

Bookitbee has limited the launch phase to 10,000 applicants who will have access to the new remodelled Bookitbee “Ticketing Set Free” on a first-come, first-served basis.

All paid for events were previously charged at 2% + 75¢ per ticket in the USA and 2% + 95¢ in Canada, free events were always free of fees. With the new model only Premium accounts will be charged the same fees, which are still one of the most competitive in the market.  According to Statista the online US ticketing industry revenue is worth $13.3bn in 2016.

About Bookitbee

A software-led start up officially launched in 2013, Bookitbee is backed by the Scottish Government and is used for events of all sizes, ranging from a few people on a course to a music festival.

“Bookitbee is positioned as a challenger brand, we have spent the past 6 months refining the business and marketing strategy to get to this point.  We have changed our branding, updated our website, redesigned our blog and now we are addressing pricing.  2016 has been a very productive year for Bookitbee and we are hoping 2017 brings even more progression,” said Beckie Hood, Head of Marketing at Bookitbee.

www.bookitbee.com Contact details: PR@bookitbee.com  Bookitbee Limited (Reg. no: 08432364) registered office: 3, Enterprise Centre, Tonbridge, Kent. TN11 8BG                                                       follow us www.facebook.com/bookitbee     Twitter: @bookitbee     Pinterest: Bookitbee            


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