Syft announces the launch of its ground breaking new app, providing a cost-­‐effective recruitment solution for temporary workers in the hospitality and events industries.

Syft provides temporary staff for front and back of house in the restaurant, hotel and events sector. The app is up to 65% cheaper than using traditional recruitment methods, due to online automated processes, and its simple interface allows employers to hire one or multiple workers of varied roles in a matter of minutes. In addition, the app allows freedom of choice and direct access between both employers and employees ensuring precision recruitment as the middleman is cut out. Syft handle all payroll and tax obligations, with the employer simply paying for the workers’ wages and any NI contributions via the app.

All job seekers are fully vetted and trained prior to being given access to Syft. Staff are rated according to specific skill sets, such as silver service or mixology by the community of employers. Companies can also view workers’ previous roles completed through Syft and their given ratings by previous employers to further gauge suitability, leading to more effective job matches. These visible ratings mean staff are more motivated and engaged as these aid their search rankings on the app.

For workers, Syft pays more than minimum wage, on average £9.25 and up to £20 per hour for more experienced staff. The service is quick and efficient, with most job matches confirmed promptly. Job seekers have the unique benefit of viewing potential employers and have complete choice over when, where and how long they work for. Finally, Syft also provides access to free training to improve existing skill sets and gain access to higher paid roles.

Created by co-­‐founders Jack Beaman and Novo Abakare, the app was created following frustrating temporary work experiences whilst at university.

Jack Beaman was one of the founding employees of Fuse Universal, a successful enterprise software start-­‐up that recently raised $10 million. Jack worked across sales and marketing collaborating with brands such as Vodafone, BT, Linkedin, Google and Lloyds. Like many, Jack spent a number of years working in hospitality both in the UK and abroad and understands the potential issues and time consuming searches surrounding temporary work. Novo Abakare joined JP Morgan as an analyst after graduation, and spent the past six years as a senior trader at alternative instruments investment firm Tradelink Worldwide.

Jack comments “Whilst at University I found it hard to believe that the recruitment agency employing me on behalf of top hotels were earning such huge fees on top of my wage, whilst providing the employer with minimal control and choice over the staff they received. Furthermore, I could not choose where or when I wanted to work. Combined with my years working in a tech start up, I feel strongly that technology is set to have a huge impact across hospitality and recruitment and believe Syft is the app to kick start this.”

Having completed their soft launch in November and December with clients such as Coya, Tate Modern & Britain & high profile film premiere parties, Syft launches officially this month and is available to download for both iOS and Android. Visit www.syft‐