Every event-organiser knows the situation: the concept for the event is ready. The only thing missing now is MONEY. The solution for this is obvious: sponsors need to be found, contacted and convinced. The whole paperwork needs to be done. And if finally a sponsor is convinced, an invoice needs to be written and send to the sponsor hoping that the money arrives asap.That’s is difficult work both for occasional event-organisers and well-seasoned event-agencies.

Since 2014, SponsorMyEvent.com matches sponsors with even-organisers. Also thanks to the partnership with Eventbrite.com it became easy to publish events on SponsorMyEvent.com.

After they managed to quickly become the leading platform for sponsorships with events in well over 1.100 cities mostly in the US and the UK, they are now heading for the next iteration of their platform. “We have spoken with many event-organisers who signed up on our marketplace to find sponsors.”, explains Peter Poehle, CEO of SponsorMyEvent, “We learned that discovering new sponsors is great, but to add tools to manage relationships with sponsors that organisers invite themselves would simply be AWESOME”.

The 360° solution for event-organisers and sponsors
They went back to their drawing-board and streamlined the workflow of SponsorMyEvent so that organizers can be given a true 360° solution for sponsorships. The result is a solution for all event-organisers whether they already have a pool of potential sponsors and want to manage their relationship with them or if they need to find new potential sponsors.Sign-up is entirely freeBoth publishing an event and signing up as a sponsor is entirely free. If an organizer manages his own sponsors, no commission will apply. If SponsorMyEvent finds a sponsor for an event, a commission of 10% charged. Sponsors use the platform entirely free of charge.
Visit www.sponsormyevent.com for more information