One year, 3,000 events, 350,000 attendees Whova revolutionizes event engagement

In its first year on the market, the Whova app supported over 3,000 events. The mobile event app solution provider announced those milestones for the young company, adding that Whova-supported events took place in 81 countries.

“This is a significant milestone for Whova,” said Dr. YY Zhou, founder and CEO of Whova. “We are very pleased that our customers and users have recognized the value of our app and the rich data it pulls together to help all the event participants get more out of the engagement experience before, during and after events.”

Institutional customers in the one-year period included TEDx, MIT Technology Review, Stanford University, Mitsubishi, AMA, etc.

The statistics underscore Whova’s disruptive role in the event engagement industry. “This is the result of our unique SmartProfile technology and our commitment to event engagement,” added Zhou, who is also a professor of Computer Science and Engineering in UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering. “Many attendees like our app because of this. I am so glad that our technology is helping professional people, including even introverts like us, network more effectively at events.”

Since launching the apps for industry in late 2014, Whova has offered event organizers a vehicle to mobilize event information, boost event engagement and foster networking among all event participants. With almost zero effort in setting up individual profiles, the Whova app through its intelligent SmartProfile software can obtain insights into other attendees (e.g., image, bio, social links), making it easier for them to network with the right people instead of bumping into random attendees at an event.

The technology is also embedded in its new business card scanning feature. “Just discovered Whova’s super awesome app to organize business cards,” said Julia Ullmann, an active Whova app user. “Goodbye overstuffed wallet!” The tool allows users to digitize any business card with a single snap using their smartphone, but by matching a name on the business card with a face, the app can access many more insights.

The cutting-edge technology and rapid growth helped Whova successfully raise nearly $6 million from venture capitalists in the Bay Area in 2015. The investment will be used to grow the team to further improve the product and reach out to more event organizes and planners.

“Now we have the money and a great team,” said CEO Zhou. “It’s time for us to further scale up and push for bigger milestones, with more and more events signing on to provide their event participants with the innovative solution and networking experience that the Whova app delivers.”

About Whova

Whova is a San Diego-based technology startup that spun off from UC San Diego and offers a mobile app to build a community within an event by connecting all the participants together. Founded in 2013 by Dr. YY Zhou and her team, Whova’s vision is to revolutionize events’ engagement and networking to help every party involved in an event, including attendees, organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors, make more productive connections and create more business opportunities.

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