If you’ve been to a conference lately you’ve no doubt seen a fair number of speakers, from the keynote to breakout speakers, to panel speakers, and MCs. But behind the scenes many of these speakers are being asked to work for free.

Professional innovation speaker Julie Austin began using her innovation and inventing background and came up with a better way. After hearing for the hundredth time that the meeting planner wasn’t paying speakers, she started asking if she could just get her own sponsor. And that’s what she did.

“It worked like a charm”, said Julie. “The audience got a great content rich speech, the sponsor got their message in front of a targeted market, the meeting planner looked like a hero, and I got paid. What could be better?”

But getting a sponsor was a long, tedious process. That’s when Speaker Sponsor was born. Speaker Sponsor puts everything in one place, so the speakers can showcase opportunities they need sponsors for, and the sponsors get to view a wide range of speaking opportunities that they can sponsor.

Small business sponsors who have used the service, like HR Professionals magazine, had this to say: “What a great idea to provide a way to sponsor speakers. I highly recommend Speaker Sponsor!”

As the event industry changes, expect more disruptive innovation to come from startups like Speaker Sponsor.