A new platform called Scripin Events has officially launched, offering event organisers and their guests a unique and exciting photo-streaming experience, to amplify their enjoyment at events and deliver incremental value.

The new app is an interactive platform that works across a wide range of different types of events. Once guests have downloaded the Scripin Events app on their phone (available on both iPhone and Android), they simply sign in using a unique event code and can immediately start taking photos and videos from the event.  The app can also be personalised to match the theme or branding of the event.

All of the images and videos are displayed in the ‘Event View’ feed so every guest can have a flick through everyone else’s snaps. Guests can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on all photos from the event within the app as well as choose to enter into competitions such as ‘Best Selfie’.

Using the web-based Scripin Events module, a moderated photo-stream, with a range of tiles, transitions and backgrounds, can be displayed on the event screen/s located around the venue, giving guests their ‘15 seconds of fame’.

After the event, the organiser will have full access to the image database and comprehensive event analytics. The platform also offers a valuable opportunity for sponsored events. Sponsors assets (logo/ad) can be interspersed into the photo-stream and used to up-weight sponsors rights packages. These can also be tiered to match different levels of sponsorship packages which in turn sets the frequency that the assets appear.

Scripin Events is an app that can be used for a full range of events – social (e.g. weddings, birthday parties, family celebrations), corporate (e.g. product launches, Christmas parties, sales events), industry (e.g. awards ceremonies, conferences), experiential events (brand activation), festivals and sporting events.

“We saw a unique gap in the market for event organisers to add value to their clients’ events, by offering an engaging photo-streaming experience, which is also simple and easy to use, helps amplify the overall guest engagement and increases event revenues” said Jack Rogers, Director of Scripin Events.

The platform was recently implemented at live music festival, BardFest. Chief Organiser, Stephen Larder, said: “It’s great that we can capture the memories of so many people at an event like this. Social media is playing an increasingly bigger part in all of our lives and it’s important for us to keep up with these developments. This is a fun, community event and the Scripin platform adds to the enjoyment for our attendees.”

There are two licence based services starting from £250, a fully managed service and a special bespoke service for complex events both delivered by Scripin.

For more information, please visit http://www.scripin.com/scripin-events/