This Guest Post is by Mark Walker, Social & Content Manager for the UK & Ireland at Eventbrite
This Guest Post is by Mark Walker, Social & Content Manager for the UK & Ireland at Eventbrite

You only need to take a quick look at the biggest event-related LinkedIn groups to see that there is plenty of angst in the industry about the increasing difficulty of attracting attendees to events.

Yet in a survey recently conducted by Eventbrite and Hubspot, it was found that 84% feel that attending events is an important part of their job, and 75% feel that events are a valuable source of content.

So how can there be such a high demand for events, yet organisers are missing out?

After looking under the hood at the results, there seems to be one common factor: 43% of all event organisers not having a well-defined persona for their marketing campaigns.

The result?

47% of event attendees feel the marketing they received for events is not relevant to them.   This has meant that despite increased spending and larger marketing budgets, 51% of organisers surveyed have not been able to increase attendance, and 14% even saw a decrease.

Clearly, the main remedy here is to know how to create a well structured and useful event persona.

With a persona in hand, your marketing team will have a much better chance of not wasting money, creating more compelling messages, and attracting the right people to your event.

Unfortunately an over-reliance on email also hasn’t helped event marketers either, as modern attendees expect more from organisers in a marketing campaign.  Specifically they care about being engaged with strong, interesting and relevant content; and they want to be engaged with conversationally through social channels.

Luckily, these are both marketing strategies that event organisers are easily able to adopt.

From speaker or artist interviews to time-lapse videos, research reports to tweet walls and on location photography, there is a huge wealth of content that events are able to tap into to promote the unique experiences they offer attendees.

With great content, organisers are also able to start talking with potential attendees on social media.  Rather than always talking about features or discounts, you can enjoy 2-way conversions with your target audience by offering up opinion pieces through blog posts, advice or resources to download and fun competitions, pictures or other prompts that will get people responding to you.

So long as you keep your content and communications relevant (as based on your persona) and high quality, your potential attendees will begin to see your event as even more valuable, and your organisation as a frequent source of valuable information in their lives, helping you pull ahead of competitors and increase attendance.

To learn more about constructing impactful personas, content marketing and successful social media strategy, you can join Eventbrite and Hubspot on Thursday at 2pm BST for their free webinar titled ‘The New Rules of Event Marketing’.

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