MarkupGlisser, the London-based event-technology start-up, today announces the Beta version of its mobile app, and presentation upload site, are available for public use. Glisser converts regular PowerPoint presentations so they can be presented from a tablet and received by audience mobile devices in real time. It allows presenters to add social features including: slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting; live audience questions; Twitter feeds; as well as polling and feedback slides – all integrated within the original deck.

The new app provides presenters with live feedback that allows them to respond, improve future messaging and content, and makes it easier to follow up with relevant information to the right people. Audiences get a richer, more involved experience, the opportunity to voice their opinions, and to mark up and keep the slides electronically.

Glisser has been built ‘in-app’, rather than use a web-streaming approach, which minimises the amount of data transfer during live presentations, and gives audiences a smooth experience. Glisser is initially launching with an iOS offering, with Android to follow very shortly.

Glisser co-founder Mike Piddock, the former marketing director at London-based venture capital firm Octopus Investments, said, “Glisser was the product I desperately wanted to use at the events we ran and those we attended, but it simply didn’t exist. We wanted the familiarity of starting with PowerPoint, we wanted to incorporate audience feedback without creating a huge technical burden, then we wanted to use that information to review and improve our events. So right from the start Glisser has been designed to meet the real needs of marketers and event managers, rather than starting with a cool piece of tech and moulding it into a product.”

“This design philosophy has operated throughout. We’ve created something which we think is easy to set up, can be presented direct from an iPad, and is simple (and free) for audiences to understand and use. We’ve also recognised the Wi-Fi limitations at many venues, optimising the app to run as efficiently as possible at low bandwidth.”

“With millions of presentations being made every year, we see tremendous scope to grow the user base, scale the business, and offer event-technology to any business or individual that wants to engage with and hear from its audience.”

“Although designed with traditional live face-to-face events in mind, we can also see numerous uses in other areas. Education, training presentations, internal staff meetings, testing sales pitches, or even virtual events across multiple locations – anything where you might have previously started with a PowerPoint deck really. Ultimately, it’s a very flexible tool for marketers who want to quickly create content, push it to an audience, and gather feedback and data.”