Photo 1. Nov #EventProfs eventThe #EventProfs Network event last night joined event planners with some of the most popular Event Apps to showcase the newest developments, and discuss topics such as latest trends, barriers and concerns to decide the most appropriate technology, implementation concerns, timings and ROI.

Richard Caelius, MD EMEA at Eventbase, started the discussion about the new generation of Event Apps focused on recommendation systems (content and people) and how technologies like iBeacons will change the current landscape in next 6 to 12 months.

Clemi Hardie, MD at Noodle Live, spoke how RFID and NFC technologies can help attendees interact and collect data. Interesting enough, she disagreed that native Event Apps are always the best alternative, and explained how Web Apps on HTML5 can work nicely if there is a good Wifi network.

Nick Thinker, Business Development Executive at CrowdCompass, focused his presentation in how Event Apps can generate more revenue through sponsorship opportunities, increase attendee engagement and save money on printed materials.

Luke Glen, Business Development EMEA at DoubleDutch, showed the top10 reasons why clients work with them. To sum up, the data generated through attendees’ engagement brings a vast event intelligence that can provide a powerful lead generation source for exhibitors and sponsors. Gamification strategies, not only generate engagement, but also collect information about attendees’ activity and interests that can provide outstanding analytics and ROI for all stakeholders.

Data protection was another hot topic. Some of current providers of free Event Apps, do actually keep the data and use it to promote their own services and they can share the data with other clients. Nick Thinker emphasized the importance of a thorough due diligence.

Luke Glen concluded that it’s not about the features that an Event App provides, it’s about the goal the organiser wants to achieve and how all these features combine together to facilitate that goal.

As always, participants enjoyed a couple of hours of networking with drinks and food. This time the event was hosted at the recently launched venue, headspace in Chancery Lane.