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DoubleDutch was born in 2011 as a mobile, social company focused on creating applications that are supremely engaging and help brands and businesses create community. People are rapidly moving toward a “mobile first” mentality, relying heavily on their smart phones for not only communication but also work, navigation, shopping and more. This shift is changing the way people attend live events, and DoubleDutch is leading the charge to disrupt the event marketing industry.

We believe that instead of trying to prevent attendees from being on their phones, event organizers should play into pre-existing social and mobile habits by providing a highly engaging and intuitive mobile app that brings together their offline and online event experience. This transforms distraction into an opportunity to engage with your brand and content, and gives attendees a new avenue to build social community and connect.

While the DoubleDutch app includes logistical necessities like an agenda that allows attendees to bookmark and export sessions to their calendars, speaker bios and event expo maps, it is so much more than a digitized schedule. The app creates an entire closed social network for your event; the activity feed allows users to post photos, connect and share experiences. Event marketers and speakers can use live-polling, which increases app engagement by 25%, and surveys to gauge attendee sentiments on everything from whether they prefer bagels or muffins for breakfast to their opinions on the pressing issues of the day.

By encouraging app activity, you are not only thrilling attendees but also able to gather valuable actionable data about attendee behaviors. In February 2015, DoubleDutch launched “Event Performance”, the first-of-its kind analytics platform that marketers and organizers can use to produce more effective, strategic events. Event Performance helps organizers monitor content and engagement metrics as the event happens by surfacing the data generated from the DoubleDutch-powered mobile app. For the first time, they can see how their event is going as it happens, develop deeper connections with their customers, and learn valuable lessons for future events.

DoubleDutch is empowering event marketers to optimize events in the same way you would optimize a website. Who was the most popular speaker? What issues were of most importance to attendees? Who were the most influential people in the app? All of this information is crucial in helping you capture valuable takeaways from your event so that you can continue doing what works – and change what doesn’t.

We are thrilled to be recognized by Eventex for the Best Event Mobile App Award as we continue to grow and expand our features and offerings.

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