DoubleDutch, a leading provider of mobile event applications, today announced new native live polling features as part of their unique data-driven event technology platform. The new polling feature allows speakers to capture the opinions of session attendees without third party or expensive hardware-based response systems, creating an easy way to engage attendees during sessions and providing real-time feedback. For event organizers, the introduction of built-in polling further centralizes an event’s data onto the DoubleDutch platform, giving organizers a more complete picture of their event and helping identify areas for proactive improvement.

“Live polling gives attendees the power to actively share their opinions in a simple, social manner,” said Lucian Beebe, VP of Product Management at DoubleDutch. “The feature provides another source of data that we can curate and deliver to organizers to help them make informed decisions about their events.”

DoubleDutch polling gives speakers complete control over audience participation, with the ability to customize time limits and offer in-app rewards for attendees who take part. Participants can respond to any poll using a unique URL or through the DoubleDutch app, making it easier to get full participation from an audience. Results can be displayed in real-time, providing all participants with instant feedback.

A DoubleDutch app provides value for all event stakeholders by making the most of previously untapped data. Armed with this quantitative information, event organizers, speakers, and attendees can make informed decisions about any event that uses a DoubleDutch app.