How Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) used the CadmiumCD platform for its 2016 Dr Randal G. Ezell 88th Annual Conference

On November 9, 2016, CadmiumCD was honoured with two awards at the Event Technology Awards: Best Event Management Solution and Best Conference Technology. The submission that won these awards was based on their work at WVC’s 88th Annual Conference. Here are a few highlights of what went right with WVC.

  1. CadmiumCD has an easy-to-use event management software platform.

WVC needed a robust, customisable system to collect and review abstracts, management speakers, and send out emails to stakeholders. Having previously used portals to great success, WVC’s Scientific Program Manager, Janis Knoetzel, was thrilled when CadmiumCD’s Abstract Scorecard and Conference Harvester products surpassed her expectations.


“Collection of permissions, photos, biographies and session abstracts went off without a hitch and the easy reporting features allowed the customisation that we require,” Knoetzel said.

  1. CadmiumCD’s event management platform integrates with the conference website.

WVC also wanted to be able to display their robust educational program in a way that complimented their website branding and was easy for attendees to navigate. The eventScribe Website and Itinerary Planner was the perfect solution.


“The system was able to display those items key to our success including sponsor recognition. Plus, the appearance of the display was very attractive and worked seamlessly with our website,” said Knoetzel.

  1. CadmiumCD’s event app is one of the most full-featured options on the market.

The transition to the CadmiumCD platform meant that WVC had to replace the conference app they’d been using for five years. Luckily CadmiumCD was able to deliver something new and valuable to attendees, exhibitors, and organisers with eventScribe.


“These [new] features resulted in additional adoption of the app by attendees,” said Knoetzel. “And staff time to build the app was reduced because much of the content was integrated with Harvester. The reporting features of the app allowed us to share the success of this product with our administration with real-time results.”

  1. CadmiumCD works with other providers to deliver cutting edge solutions.

Last year CadmiumCD, in association with GES, won Best Technology Partnership for their work together on digital signage. That partnership has only improved in the past year, and WVC was impressed with the technology.


“The appearance of our show is very important and finding session rooms in a large facility can be a challenge,” said Knoetzel. “By working with our AV provider and running our digital signage through the Cadmium system, we were able to have striking digital displays that guided the participants to the correct rooms and on time!”

  1. CadmiumCD has a fantastic team.

WVC wanted more than a vendor. They were looking for a partner. CadmiumCD’s dedicated and passionate team delivered a product and service that felt collaborative.


Knoetzel left us with this takeaway: “The most lasting impression we have is how enjoyable it was to work with [the CadmiumCD] team. Their response time surpasses industry standards and using their boomerang tool allowed everyone to stay on track.”

How to get CadmiumCD at your next event.

 To find out more about CadmiumCD’s involvement with WVC, discuss your event software needs, or learn more about the platform, call 1-877-426-6323, or visit







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