menu-300dpi[1]The Data-Obsessed Approach to Events

DoubleDutch is an award-winning provider of mobile event applications, with a unique focus on data. The first to bring a data-driven approach to the usage of technology in the event industry, DoubleDutch excels at providing platforms that foster greater user engagement, processing vast amounts of mobile app engagement data into unique, actionable insights to better serve customers, partners, and other event stakeholders.

They don’t want event professionals making decisions blindly. DoubleDutch gives the data and insight needed to optimize events for greatness, and delight attendees in the process.

Whether you organize trade shows, corporate conferences, association events, or internal meetings, DoubleDutch provides.

 A Brand Extension and Communication Platform

DoubleDutch is a white-label mobile event application that is branded to the client’s branding specifications and configured specifically to achieve the primary event objectives. As a social framework, the app is designed to facilitate communication between attendees, organizers, and exhibitors in a new way. As a mobile marketing and communication platform, a DoubleDutch event app is incredibly effective.

To ensure that all event participants can actively engage in conversation, DoubleDutch provides a native applications on all platforms, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phones and tablets), and web-based HTML5 for all clients.

The Social Network: A Proven Model

DoubleDutch invented the mobile, social experience for the event enviro

nment.  The app is architected around a dedicated, private social feed of event activity. The app therefore looks more like a branded Facebook feed of your event, rather than a static list of event content. Users can leverage social gestures such as Likes, Comments, Following, and more to engage deeper within the platform.

Additionally, DoubleDutch features integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So one app check-in can populate to all 3 external networks with a simple tap.


Massive Event Engagement: The HOW

DoubleDutch aims to provide the most interactive experience possible for event attendees, sponsors, and organizers. It is designed to deliver increased value to all these stakeholders throughout the event lifecycle – pre, during, and post event.

DoubleDutch enables attendees to interact, share activity, and access event information directly from their mobile device. The platform empowers users to seamlessly capture and share their event activity on a digital platform (like visiting a sponsor, attending a keynote presentation, bookmarking a product, etc).

Massive Event Engagement: The WHY

DoubleDutch clients employ the native in-app game mechanics and social functionality to massively increase engagement. Because of this, the technology platform unlocks unprecedented event data metrics, which event organizers can use to execute more informed decisions and optimize future events. DoubleDutch has proven that with high app engagement, our platform can deliver increased ROI and greater attendee satisfaction.

Companies Using DoubleDutch

Many companies including SAP, Box, American Express, EuroMoney, Cisco, Dell, 3M, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, UBM, Cloudera, and IDG rely on DoubleDutch to engage event attendees through mobile. See success stories.

Many leading event associations have also chosen DoubleDutch as their app of choice, sending a signal of quality into the industry.  These organizations include Exhibitor, Event Tech Awards UK, BizBash, Event Tech (by Event Marketer), Naylor, The Meeting Show UK, and others, have also selected DoubleDutch as their official event app provider, as well. Read testimonials or press coverage.

Awards Won

Named by IDC as one of “Six Social Business Solutions Under $100M to Watch,” DoubleDutch has been recognized by industry leaders, partners and customers. Our customers have received acclaim for their DoubleDutch app deployments, including “Best Use of Technology at an Event” by Tradeshow Executive Magazine, “Event Technology Medalist” by Event Marketer, and “Best Mobile App” in Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards.

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