leaderboard-iphoneDoubleDutch,  has today revealed a significant new release of its mobile app that leverages the capabilities of iOS 7 for faster performance and seamless data capture. With the new app, trade show and conference attendees will experience a new user interface, complete offline mode, and performance that is up to ten times faster.

“iOS 7 is both a pretty face and an incredible performance technology,” said Lucian Beebe, vice president of product management at DoubleDutch. “We simply will not allow our customers to miss the deeper engagement and increased data insights offered by this platform. For that reason, we rewrote everything for this cutting-edge platform to give the very best to our customers and their attendees. We would not settle for anything less.”

DoubleDutch analysed user data and organiser feedback from working with customers like UBM, SAP and Lowe’s to build an even better mobile app experience.

The new app features full “offline mode” for seamless ease-of-use, regardless of Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular data connection. It also boasts a completely redesigned navigation and a new user interface inspired by the flat, full screen design of iOS 7. The technology supports background updates as well, so attendees can get the latest agenda and news feed updates, even when the application is not open on screen. Additionally, DoubleDutch recreated its app for faster, more comprehensive data analysis, so organizers can understand how attendees are interacting with the show in real time.

Bringing event content to all attendees regardless of their preferred devices, DoubleDutch has integrated these new feature and performance improvements into its Android and HTML5 apps as well.

“At DoubleDutch, our focus has always been building event-focused social networks designed for maximum engagement. We use app engagement data to give organizers and exhibitors deeper insight into their events,” said Lawrence Coburn, CEO and co-founder of DoubleDutch. “With our latest release, we’ve optimized for speed and low connectivity performance, while making the features even more social and the underlying data-capture technology more seamless. It’s quite simple: superior performance and dead simple usability will lead to maximum engagement. We believe that this release has raised the bar for mobile event technology.”



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