photo#EventHour was launched by Event Industry News on the 29th of May 2013 via its Twitter handle @eventnewsblog and last night saw for the first time the hashtag trend on Twitter

Experienced Twitter users simply need to search #Eventhour every Wednesday between 9pm-10pm GMT.  If you’re new to or unfamiliar with Twitter, read on for our step-by-step guide to #Eventhour.

Why was #EventHour Launched?

#Eventhour was launched to give followers of @EventNewsBlog and other event industry professionals an opportunity to engage and network with each other using Twitter.  Hashtags, known commonly by the corresponding # symbol, are a way of tagging tweets that relate to a particular subject, allowing Twitter users to search for that hashtag and find all the tweets that relate to it.  In this case, the hashtag allows like minded event professionals the chance to search for and establish new contacts.

#Eventhour also has its own dedicated Twitter account @EventHour

How do I follow and get involved with #EventHour?

Go to the website or to the Twitter app on your mobile device or tablet and type #Eventhour in to the search box under the ‘Discover’ tab.  You’ll be presented with a list of all the tweets that contain #Eventhour, with the option of viewing ‘All’, ‘Top’ or from ‘People You Follow’.

When do I use or follow the #EventHour hashtag?

Each Twitter chat takes place between 9pm and 10pm GMT each week.  This is the best time to follow and use #EventHour within your tweets. Use #Eventhour in every tweet that you wish to be seen be those taking part.  Even if it’s a reply or a re-tweet, always make sure you include #Eventhour otherwise your tweet will not display in the #Eventhour timeline.

Making the Most from #EventHour

Make the most out of each #Eventhour by engaging with the conversation and using Twitter for two-way discussions rather than solely as a means to market your products and services.   Those who engage proactively by posting, replying and acknowledging relevant tweets during #Eventhour  will gain far more from the session, creating relationships with other users and becoming a trusted part of the community.

Some of the participants in the first #eventhour
Some of the participants in the first #eventhour

How many people get involved?

The very first #EventHour chat saw over 100 Twitter users from across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield and London, with input also coming from one twitter user in New York.

Join #Eventhour on Twitter every Wednesday from 9pm-10pm