The Summer Eventia is set to move corporate social responsibility firmly into the mainstream in order to help the industry recognise that sustainable business practice extends far beyond just systems and processes linked to international standards.

Eventia Chairman, Simon Hughes, commented “We’ve given a lot of airtime at both our annual summer conferences and in education seminars to the topic of sustainability.  This year we want to step that debate right up as part of the agenda for helping our members deal with the new normal that we all face in the current economic climate.  This means that we need to inspire people with stories that show how it’s possible to move beyond developing processes and gaining accreditations to developing a mindset that focuses on the value of managing and developing your corporate reputation across all aspects of your business operation.”

To make this happen a new session has been developed for the second day of TSE13:  Corporate Recognition: Doing the right thing and doing it well.

After 12 months where many major global brands have been put under the spotlight for dubious business practices, Eventia have assembled an expert panel to address the subject of corporate recognition.  RPM have worked on elements of The Bigger Picture programme for Sky and Rory Sloan will be sharing details of the approach they took to match the corporate objectives this major broadcaster deploys as part of its CSR commitment.  Of course not everyone has such Goliath size resources to work with, so Eventia have managed to get a David involved to balance things out.  David Wise from Wise Productions takes on that role to share his company’s attitude to embedding the right approach into every aspect of their operation and the value of creating connections with their local community.

To support these examples Kevin Traverse-Healy, Partner in Equal, the behaviour change consultancy, will be offering some practical advice for delegates.  He commented, “The development of CSR in reputation management towards integration into the whole of business delivery is becoming more critical.  Brand value and relationships have never been more important – just look at the changing nature of the relationship that CSR and corporate reputation have with marketing these days.  Businesses large and small have to do the right thing and they have to do it well.”

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