Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 15.33.57Projection Advertising, a leading projection specialist, has announced its groundbreaking new MIMO Mapper system. MIMO, an acronym for ‘model in, movie out’, is a new approach to video mapping offering endless possibilities on even the most demanding of surfaces. Using the same principles as UV mapping, it incorporates additional capabilities making it one of the most advanced video-mapping systems in the world.

MIMO uses 2D texturing on 3D objects to perfectly adjust and align content from any angle in
real-time – but uniquely it renders out the corrected content as a .mov file (or any other playback format), which can then be immediately played in Watchout, Quicktime or other video player.

Content is initially developed by importing a 3D model into the MIMO software package, allowing
a 3D artist to move a virtual projector around to the position which best fits the physical projector’s location. Later, on site, technicians can select any point on the real-life model, adjusting the content without distorting it. In short, MIMO offers the flexibility required for pixel-perfect video mapping in the real world, where models, stages and sets can never be completely perfect.

“The MIMO Mapper system is a game-changer in terms of video mapping,” explains Tom Burch, Projection Advertising managing director. “It allows almost unlimited possibilities, regardless of
the surface quality, and empowers 3D artists to be more creative than ever. There’s nothing quite
as effective available anywhere else in the world.”

MIMO was trialled for the first time last month, during the largest indoor video-mapping event in Saudi Arabia, staged by Projection Advertising. The 35m wide by 7m tall 360-degree spectacular utilised three separate components, multiple projectors, 50 lighting fixtures, elaborate surround sound and an innovative, ‘magic’ live element to create a unique 3D projection mapping experience on an 8,000 pixel canvas.

The 5-minute show was part of a one-night gala to promote Murooj Jeddah (translated as Jeddah Meadows), a new city developed and built by Sumou Real Estate in a 70/30 split with the Saudi government. It took place at the Leylaty ballroom – the biggest such venue in Saudi Arabia – in
front of a huge audience, including two Saudi Royal princes. The entire build and de-rig took place in less than 24 hours.

Integrating the cutting-edge MIMO Mapper technology with complex media server-controlled sound and lighting on a moving, three-component stage setting, the event also featured an innovative ‘magic’ live sequence, which blended seamlessly with the overall production to create a unique video-mapping narrative, translated from the Arabic as ‘Jeddah Meadows: the Reality of a Dream’.

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