Isle-of-Wight-barcode-wristbandIntelligent Venue Solutions enabled the Isle Of Wight Festival to extend its innovative track record this year by scanning-in all 50,000 public attendees as well as guests and staff with its In-Site system using smart barcode wristbands supplied by ID&C.

The Seaclose Park event achieved a new festival first by introducing a new child safety service powered by IVS’ In-Site system which allows children to wear wristbands Cashless-Payments-Isle-of-Wightelectronically linked to their parents’ contact details. As well as providing a fast and easy way to get in touch with the parents of lost children, the system alerts staff if a child tries to leave the event unaccompanied by their registered guardian.

Rob Langford, Financial Director, Solo comments: “The rapid processing of customers in to the site is a priority for the Isle Of Wight. In-Site’s technology has consistently enabled us to achieve this and this year we have been able to supplement this with additional benefits including enhanced staff accreditation and child safety”.

In addition to these services, IVS once again provided super-fast IP based multi-function contactless card payment terminals to all of the drinks token booths and concession stalls operated by the festival’s official catering contractor Central Catering Services, allowing visitors to purchase drinks without the need to bring or withdraw cash. Using an internet connection for payment approval, rather than the traditional ‘PDQ’s’ which rely on unpredictable mobile signals, IVS have a consistently proven track record in the delivery of fast transactions across event sites.

Mark Hatch, Director Of Operations at Central Catering Services commented: “CCS has consistently been at the front line of the elimination of cash from large scale outdoor events. This year marks a further milestone in this journey and brings the truly cashless festival ever closer”.

Paul Pike, IVS co-founder added: “It’s always great to kick-off the festival season at the Isle Of Wight. It’s unique atmosphere, friendly and receptive audience, brilliant organisation and legendary heritage make for a truly special festival and we are extremely proud to be a part of it.”