RFIDSimon Burton from Exposure Communications has hosted a panel debate on the use of RFID and NFC technologies within the events sector.  With input from Paul Pike (Intelligent Venue Solutions), Laura Moody (Blondefish) and Denzil Thomas (Billington Cartmell Music), the panel

The audience were educated on the difference between active and passive RFID, the Laura highlighting the fact that active RFID is powered and can constantly send data, offering real time information relating to each RFID chip.  Passive RFID is the more common application that most consumers are now familiar with through applications like the Oyster card system used in London and more recently the contact-less bank cards.

The ways in which events can now use the technology to engage with their audience were also presented, with the Smirnoff event at the O2 used as an example.  Each of the 9,000 customers attending the event were registered using a tablet device on entry and issued with a wristband that allowed them to automatically posted event photos on their Facebook page.  They process was used to amplify the event, engaging far more people than just those at the venue.

With the industry now generally aware of what RFID can deliver from a bare-bones point of view (ticketless entry etc), Denzil explained that some of his focus now lies with pushing the ‘wow’ factor of what the technology can do.

Discussing the uses of RFID in both B2C and B2B environments, Laura explained that in a trade show application, exhibitors can not only use it to capture date but also to incorporate interactive elements to their stand that require visitors to ‘touch in’.

The audience were also given advice on consumer concerns relating to the capturing of data when using these systems, with Denzil saying that as the technology develops and a more mature audience begins using it, the market will no doubt have to address their communications to offer reassurances.